Friday, September 27, 2013


If you've been anywhere within 30 feet of me over the past 8 months or so I'm sure you've gotten a dose of our attempt at living a healthier lifestyle. Or perhaps you've seen all of my Instagrammed chicken pictures which I believe now total more than those of my children...yeah, it's an issue.

Our original crew...some have since gone on to that big chicken coop in the sky. RIP Elvis and Momma!

Anyway, what a ride! I have started conversations with folks I never would have spoken to in length before, and generally been surprised and impressed by what I can learn from the most unlikely sources. My curiosity is enough to pull me out of my introverted shell at times and usually it is worth it.
When I'm the one striking up conversation to some poor unsuspecting soul who is just going about their business and eating what they please (sorry Mom, Dad, children, random people) I have seen some common reactions. Some will care but not know what to do about it, some will roll their eyes, some will look at me like I have 3 eyes, hopefully some will be inspired! No one has yet told me to shut least not out loud.
Who am I to tell you about any of this? No one really....just a woman with my own thoughts.

So here's the bottom line from my tired little mind today....Sometimes I wonder if I am worrying aimlessly about things that might not really be important. Maybe food, vaccines, and responsible land stewardship are not spiritual issues- but maybe they are. Our body is a temple, it is meant to be cared for, and it is amazingly able to heal itself if we will let it. I believe God entrusted us with this land to care for it, not to rape it and take from it, leaving it infertile for the next generation.
Since when did the resources He gave us become not good enough that we have to enhance and modify and create "frankenfoods"?

What are these issues in the grand scheme of life? I don't know, honestly....I could be hit by a truck tomorrow (certainly hope it doesn't happen!) and would anything that I've consumed or chosen not to consume over the past 8 months matter?

What is simply a distraction from my life's work...and what is going to be pleasing to God? I certainly want to be honoring to Him in the manner that I talk about these issues, sometimes I mess that one up big time- I hate it when that happens.

What about those people who mock these choices...treating me as less, old-fashioned, uneducated, or living a risky lifestyle because we do weird things- (I'm talking crazy things like avoiding chemicals and lifeless food). I don't think my way is superior, nor do I believe that everyone should live their life like I live mine, but I DO believe people should seriously educate themselves on the impact of their decisions.

When I discuss newfound information and encourage thought other than what is recommended by the CDC, the FDA, or other government agencies does it make me look radical? Oh well, I gave up worrying about that one, because I believe anything that opposes mainstream "liberal" thought is typically viewed as radical.

When I'm passionate about the companies I do and don't support based on their ethics and values- does my dollar really matter to these billion dollar corporations? Some will say it doesn' opinion is simply that I have to do my part. Now that I'm aware I can't unlearn these facts of how "food like products" are thrown at us and we consume it like no other...and then we wonder why we're sick and tired and our kids are afflicted. Can we seriously continue to deny the cause and effect of our life choices in relation to rising rates of cancer, autism, diabetes, heart disease?

All I know is that I can't and don't want to live my life to support what I don't believe in. So if that means that I'm going against the (non-GMO) grain, that I'm doing the difficult thing, that my way is certainly not the most convenient- well, that's just the way it is. I simply want the freedom to do so.

For the sake of your health, your family's health, and the following generations who will pay for our indifference to these topics, I strongly encourage everyone I know and thus care about to take off your blinders. A year ago I didn't care about any of this. Now I know more than I EVER intended to about GMOs, MSG, pesticides, Monsanto and the revolving door with the government.

Pay attention to who is controlling your food supply, know who funds the study that is providing the information that you are basing your healthcare decisions on, and explore what our world will look like if nothing changes.

I've beaten myself up so many times because change comes slowly, and sometimes it appears to go in reverse. I'm so thankful for the people who have been excellent resources to me and reminded me that I can't fix it all in one day. So little by little IS actually how it's done...patience is just not a strong virtue of mine, but I'm learning.

So I'm plugging along, believing that one better decision each day CAN matter!